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What is Wire Wrapping?

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Wire Craft or “wire wrapping” is a jewelry design technique that incorporates various gauges and hardness of sterling silver, copper, gold and gold-filled wire.  Glue or solder are not used.  Stones are set or mounted within a setting strictly made of wire using many types of pliers and the skill of the jeweler’s fingers.  Occasionally small faceted stones are set within a prong setting that may or may not be made of wire.

This technique of jewelry design has been used for thousands of years. Wire crafted jewelry has gained popularity due to its uniqueness, each piece being one of a kind. 14/20 gold-filled wire is not vermeil or plated.  It is 1/20th 14 karat gold overlay, which is heat and pressure bonded over a brass core.  It is tarnish resistant and the gold will not wear off. Only 14 karat gold touches the skin.  Gold-filled jewelry is much more economical than 14 karat gold.  Argentium sterling may be used, allowing for a piece that will not require as much polishing as sterling silver.  It is never less than 93% silver (like sterling silver) and is made with a touch of germanium which will inhibit tarnishing.

Care for your wire crafted jewelry should be the same as any other fine jewelry.  It can be cleaned with a soft cloth or a mild jewelry cleaner.  Be careful when storing your piece of jewelry so as not to bend or damage the wire in any way.

If you are interested in a custom piece of jewelry, please contact me!

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