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Violet Flame

Violet Flame




Set in Sterling Silver wire, this pendant is about 3 inches long.


It features a 6 mm CZ at the top, with a large cabochon of Amethyst, Blue Agate, Silver Pearl, Lapis and Amethyst beads. The bottom gemstone is a Kammererite! 


Amethyst is a serene stone. It blocks stress and negativity. Blue Agate represents truth, loyalty and reliability. Pearl enhances personal integrity and brings truth. Lapis brings inner Peace and freedom from negative thoughts. Kammererite is quite rare. The only known location is the Kop Krom chromite mine in the Kop Daglari Mountains of Turkey. It is said that this gemstone inspires spiritual growth, aids in the release of negative energy and will allow one to ascend into a higher plane of consciousness.

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