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I am Me

I am Me


This is a set, pendant with earrings. The pendant has a natural Turquoise at the top, with Amethyst and Peridot and a large Mohave Turquoise at the bottom. The earrigs are Mohave Turquoise and Peridot. All are created with Sterling Silver.


Mohave Turquoise is stabilized real Arizona Turquoise ( the Kingman Mine ) with an added  matrix of Copper. The blue colors are natural while the purples and greens have been enhanced. Many gemstones in today's market have been enhanced in some form or another. Heat treating for color enhancement ( many semi-precious and precious gemstones) or stability, is not uncommon. It represents self-love and acceptance and also enhances the immune system. Natural Turquoise strengthens the body and energy field. It is the gem of self-acceptance. Amethyst is a serene stone, it blocks stress and negativity. It is a strong healer.  Peridot is a powerful cleanser and blocks negativity. 

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