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Energetic Source

Energetic Source



This pendant is about three inches long and 1 and 3/4 inches at it widest point. It was created with three types of Sterling Silver wire and is on a large Sterling Silver beaded chain. It features a faceted Amethyst, Quartz Crystal Pyramid and an Aquamarine.


Quartz Crystal is the Master Healer. It brings positivity to the wearer and is an energy amplifier. Couple that with it being in the formation of a pyramid and the energy is even greater. In Sacred Geometry, the pyramid is the combination  of three of the 5 main platonic formations. It is the combination of the Spiral (the Golden Mean Ratio), the Triangle and the Square.  The pyramid contains the number of divinity, 3 (the 3 sides to each triangle) plus the number of mankind, 4 ( 4 sides of the square). It represents the relationships between Source and Humanity.Amethyst is a serene stone. It blocks negativity and stress. Aquamarine is the gemstone of Courage and reduces stress.




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