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Earth Angel

Earth Angel


This collar piece measures 20 inches. It features multiple stones. A large Jasper is surrounded by Prehnite, Mother of Pearl, Howelite, Pietersite, Pyrite, Walnut Jasper, Gold Leaf Agate, Moonstone and Serpentine. The widest part of the piece is 6 inches by 2 inches.  


These stones were combined not only for their color palette but also for their metaphysical properties. 


This creation represents Higher Spirit on our Earthly plane. Jasper, a stone of protection, compliments Pietersite, which is the stone of " the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven" and reminds us that we are a Spiritual Being on a Human Journey. Prehnite is the stone of Archangel Raphael and enhances our inner knowing and prophecy. Moonstone  is the stone of new beginnings. 


Although this piece may appear large and heavy, it is very comfortable to wear. 

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