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Atargatis - The Mermaid Goddess  ***SOLD***

Atargatis - The Mermaid Goddess ***SOLD***


This necklace is 18 inches and will extend to 20. It was designed with several types and gauges of Sterling Silver wire. The pendant portion measures 4 inches across and is 3 1/2 inches long.. Although there are a lot of gems in this design, it is not heavy.


This creation features a natural point of Aquamarine, Larimar cabachons and beads, Stick Pearl, Fresh Water Pearls, Cat's Eye Moonstone and Rainbow Moonstone.


Larimar is found in only one place, the Dominican Republic. A rare form of blue Pectolite, it is also referred to as the Dolphin Stone.


Larimar promotes tranquility and facilitates angelic contact. It is the stone of feminine power and strength.  It also said to relieve stress and undesirable attachments. It is the Goddess gem of the Sea and Sky.


Aquamarine is the gemstone of courage and will reduce stress.


Cat's Eye Moonstone will promote clarity of the mind and aid in meditation.


Rainbow Moonstone is a gem of protection and will deflect negativity.


Pearls enhance personal integrity and will bring truth to light.

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