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The Spiral Connection

Minerals, gemstones and crystals are precious gifts from the Earth. Each piece is unique in its own way – with its own texture, weight, size and beauty. By traveling to the largest gem and mineral shows in the country (with trusted vendors from around the world), I’m able to hand select only the finest gems and crystals for my jewelry creations. I use only natural gemstones in my designs. From Moldavite, to Dinosaur Bone, to Opals and K2 gemstones, each one is real and authentic. It has become increasingly difficult to find some of these natural gems and there has been an influx of fakes and imitations hitting the market. As you view designs in the shop, the price will reflect the rarity of the creations. 


 All of my jewelry is individually hand crafted by myself and set in a wire wrapped setting of 14/20 gold filled, sterling silver or copper wire, unique to that stone. Just as there are no two stones alike, there are no two pieces of my jewelry that are exactly alike. Each is an individual work of art, unique unto itself.


Besides the beauty of a fine crafted piece of jewelry, did you know that minerals and crystals are widely believed in many different cultures to possess healing powers for both the mind and body? Though I don’t suggest replacing conventional medicine with the healing powers of crystals, I thank you for browsing the site with an open mind – and the next time you’re shopping for jewelry, consider both a piece’s brilliance as well as its many other benefits.

The Portfolio link at the top of the page will show various custom orders and other sold pieces.  Please visit the Shop to see current designs that are for sale. You will notice that each piece in the shop has a name. This is something I have always done. It is my way to honor the gemstones and their messages.

Thank you for visiting The Spiral Connection.

Blessings in Love and Light,


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