Muladhara ***Sold***

Muladhara ***Sold***


This wand is large, measuring 28 1/2 imches long. It is quite heavy, so caution is recommended during use. The body of the wand is made with genuine copper and is wrapped in shades of red and gold natural leather.


The top crystal is about 2 3/4 inches long and the bottom crystal is about 3 1/2 inches. The inside of this wand is filled with a variety of gemstones:

Snowflake Obsidian - To release harmful thinking and bring success

Dumortierite- To calm the mind and bring inspiration

Quartz Crystal points - The Master Healer

Bloodstone- Gives courage and repels danger

Obsidian - The stone of protection

Calligraphy Stone - Brings spiritual awakening, joy and tranquility


I used red leather to represent the Root Chakra, The Muladhara.

The color red is the color of physical energy, passion, courage, power and will.  It is also stable and grounding. This color represents our most primitive physical and emotional needs of survival and self preservation.