Gaia Luna ***Sold***

Gaia Luna ***Sold***


This is quite a magical wand! It measures 28 inches long and is actually quite heavy, so caution during use is recommended.


The interior of the wand is constructed entirely of copper and is wrapped in three colors of natural leather. The inside of the wand is filled with Labradorite, Moonstone and Quartz Crystal points. I constructed it so that it may also be used as a rattle.


The top Quartz Crystal is polished and measures about 3 inches long. There are natural wispy inclusions. The bottom Crystal is also polished and is about 3 inches also. You will notice in the picture this Crystal has a left leaning parallelogram. This is a Past Time Link Crystal.


This piece was inspired by Earth and Moon Magic. The combination of the chosen stones as well as the conductive energy of the copper will bring about powerful results.

Labradorite is the stone of magic. It is said to enhance psychic abilities as well as amplify healing and positive thoughts. Moonstone is the stone of new beginnings and will calm emotions. The Past Time Link Crystal will allow one to retrieve information from past lives so that healing may result.